Today I’m releasing the Curtin Courses Index, a web application I’ve written to make it easier to plan your degree and course of study.

All too often, planning your degree can be a true pain, especially if you’ve deviated from the planned timeline of your course, be it taking a semester off, overloading units, getting exemptions, or having to repeat a unit. The Curtin course handbook can be less than useful - leaving you to try and see into the future to make sure you’re meeting all the prerequisite requirements.

This web app hopes to change that. It currently lists all 844 courses and 2939 units that Curtin offers in 2019.

Course layout Course layout

The Curtin Course Index allows you to view all units and their dependencies for every course, including optional units. You can mark what units you’ve completed, see courses that aren’t in this course of study (in case you’re a course-switcher), and change the layout. You can even see every course a unit belongs to, as well as course streams.

Furthermore, we also provide an API, so you can use all of this data in your own applications.

You can find the Curtin Courses Index live here, and you can also find the project on GitHub.