2018 was a great season for OpenRIO. On our main project, GradleRIO, there have been 251 teams and 1427 unique users from 7 countries, with 52.9 thousand total builds since January 1st, 2018. Let’s take a deeper look at the numbers…

Privacy and Data Integrity

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Data is only collected if you haven’t disabled telemetry (above), and if you have an internet connection. If you’re connected to a robot, the report is not recorded, and so those numbers don’t count towards the totals in this post.

Data in this post has not been manipulated. Countries/States/Provinces have been cross-referenced with The Blue Alliance.

The 2018 Timeline

Build counts have skyrocketed since Kickoff, and are especially popular on Saturdays. Builds become more common in the later weeks (6/7) than in the rest of the season, with Week 5 having the biggest peak at 2652 builds in a single day.

Builds per Week

The OS Demographic

About 50% of users appear to be using Windows 10, followed by 23% using Linux, 17% using Mac OS X, and the remaining using other versions of Windows.

OS Demographic

Region Statistics

By cross-referencing team numbers with The Blue Alliance, we can give a geographic breakdown of GradleRIO usage. Build count is indicated by the darkness of the color shade, and team count by the number on each state.

California holds the record in both regards, with 33 teams and 9532 builds since January 1st.

Builds per State

Looking at unique users, we can see the complete list of Countries and States using GradleRIO.
Users per State

Languages, IDEs Dependencies and Plugins

One of the key advantages of GradleRIO is the ability to use any language, dependency or plugin you could desire. Here, we’re going to take a look at the most popular.

Languages, IDEs and Plugins

The following table shows the most popular (non-default) gradle plugins used with GradleRIO, which is used to give us an indication as to the language breakdown.

Language / IDE # Teams
Java 223
C++ 33
Kotlin 26
Eclipse 215
IntelliJ IDEA 217

Dependencies (Java Only)

Based on numbers, we can see the most popular dependencies being used with GradleRIO.

The CTRE Phoenix library is the most popular, with 216 teams using it. Next up is the NavX library, with 209 teams.

The OpenRIO Match Data library is also quite high, at 173 teams.
Finally, the Pathfinder library has 59 teams using it in their codebase.